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    How do we remove an old printer from the list? As systems get updated and change we need to be able to keep the list of devices clean. 

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    Ally Daley

    Hi Colin! 

    To remove an old device, you will need to do one of two things, depending on your machine. 

    - In RetailOps Connect, click into the device name field ("Colin's printer") and delete the text of the printer name. If the printer is still installed on the workstation, it will remain in the list of printers in RetailOps Connect, but will not be displayed within RetailOps "My Terminal Prefs"

    - If the above process errors or does not allow you to remove the printer, you'll need to use the following process to clear the registry for RetailOps Connect. This will clear ALL printers for the machine. You will need to reconfigure remaining printers in step 8. 

    1. Inactivate the affected terminal in System Config > "Manage Terminals"

    2. Clear the RetailOps Connect settings in the windows registry (steps 3-6)

    3. In Windows 7 or 10, click the Start Button and search for "Run" in the search bar.

    4. In the Command prompt, type "regedit" and hit Enter.

    5. Locate the following folders: 
      HKEY Local Machine > Software > GudTech
      HKEY Current User > Software > GudTech (Please note: You may not have a "Local user" folder, this is ok, proceed to next step)

    6. Select the rows that say "GudTech", right click and select "Delete".

    7. Register a NEW "Proxy" terminal in the RetailOps System Config > "Manage Terminals" tool, authorize RetailOps Connect using this new Auth Key. (Contact Support if you need assistance with this step)

    8. Register the printers again in RetailOps Connect by setting a device name and label media type

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